the wine

Family management, craftsmanship, respect for the land and the consequent genuineness of the wines we produce leads us to emphasize that each vintage is always different. Although the skeleton of indigenous varieties always remains the same, you will never find approved and standardized wines, indeed, a few years you will not find them at all: the grapes, every year, are the result of an intense synergy of different factors including the environment, territory, climate and weather. All this is intertwined with the various “moons” of the winemaker to then get to the wine.

The fermentations are spontaneous with the indigenous yeasts of the grapes that we harvest by hand, we do not filter the wine and we do not clarify it and the stabilization is made by the cold environment and our decanting. We use sulphur dioxide in very low doses but in certain vintages, if we have the possibility, we do not use So2 at all.

When the harvest period is approaching, it is not we who decide when a wine is ready … it is he himself who “communicates” it, thanks to the tastings we make, we understand when the right time is. Each wine and each year has its own life and the vinifications and refinements that you will find are made on the basis of the wine and each vintage.






Vespaiolo “selezione”

Rarefratte Rosso

Torre Rossa